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Checking In! Interest?

Hello looking back_ic community!

We've been on hiatus for many months now. This past August, I asked if there was interest to jump-start the community again, and I received only ONE reply. So, I did not restart the community at that time.

If you are still watching and interested in making vintage, historical, creative icons in this community, PLEASE leave a comment, and answer this short poll. I would be more than happy to continue the comm and get it started again if there is interest!

Are you interested in getting lookingback_ic going as a challenge community again?

Yes, I'm ready to make some vintage icons!
No, I'm not interested any longer.
I'd be interested, but I don't have the time to participate.
I'd prefer an open challenge community.
I have another idea! (Please comment with your ideas!)

As I had posted before, I had suggested moving this challenge into an "open-challenge" community, in which I would post a challenge/idea/prompt every week and people could submit to it or use it as a muse to create icons however they'd like. Instead of being a challenge community in which we vote and receive banners, it would be an idea/share community.

There seem to be a number of these types of icon sites already in existence, but we could strive to be unique! If you have a different thought, though, I would love to hear it!

Please comment with your thoughts and opinions here. I have always held that I want this to be a group effort, so I will take all comments into careful consideration. Thank you!