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Checking In

Hello community!

We've been on unofficial hiatus for about 4 months now. I know that it seems the world of icon-making is slipping, and challenges are struggling. Even if that may be the case, I don't like to give up on communities that I've created and others do seem to enjoy. Since I see a number of you haven't left the group, I will hold out hope that that is true!

So here is my question: would you like me to jump-start the community and start running challenges again? OR would you prefer I maintain this as an open-challenge community?

By open-challenge, I mean that I would post a challenge/idea/prompt every week and people could submit to it or use it as a muse to create icons however they'd like. Instead of being a challenge community in which we vote and receive banners, it would be an idea community I guess.

Please comment with your vote, or other thoughts and opinions here. I have always held that I want this to be a group effort, so I will take all comments into careful consideration. Thank you!